All About HHS FAB

The Huntley High School Fine Arts Boosters, commonly referred to as "FAB" is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that exists solely to support, encourage and promote performing fine arts programs at Huntley High School.    These groups include choir, speech team and theatre.  (As of May 15, 2018, Band, Color Guard and Marching Band are supported by the newly formed separate organization, the HHS Band Boosters, Inc.   To be directed to their website, please click here.)

Our HHS FAB board of directors is currently made up of 4 officers and 7 directors.  Each of the groups we represent have their own booster (secondary) subcommittee under the HHS FAB organization.  They are:  "HHS Choir Boosters", "HHS Speech Team Boosters", and "HHS Theatre Boosters".  Each booster  subcommittee is represented with at least one director on the HHS FAB board.  That director, or directors, is responsible for overseeing the operation of their represented  booster subcommittee group.  This is where all the "hammering out" is done to determine what should be brought to the HHS FAB Board for approval.  HHS FAB acts as the administrative board in support of our  secondary subcommittee "booster" groups: 

Administratively, HHS FAB as a whole is responsible for the following:
  • Concession collaboration in support of our subcommittee booster groups
  • Membership to the Huntley Chamber of Commerce
  • Banking needs for each of the subcommittee booster groups including POS for fundraising events
  • Fundraising tax liabilities, quarterly and yearly tax filings
  • Handling and maintaining of non-profit status
  • Securing permits for property use and events
  • Maintaining liability insurance for fundraiser events
  • Voting on issues to ensure the best interests of all including students, teachers and parent/family volunteers are met
Our annual operating costs, or sustainment, is split among all our secondary subcommittee groups based on their percentage of the prior year net fundraising proceeds.    However, HHS FAB itself may take advantage of fundraising opportunities to help offset these operating costs with the goal to cover a large part or even ALL these operating costs.  If this goal is met, this results in HHS FAB essentially offering a lower cost, or even free, administrative service to our secondary subcommittee groups.    We run our booster program this way to alleviate the pressure of managing these important logistics, as well as the burden of the whole cost, on one group.  This also allows our  many volunteers within each of our groups to be less concerned with logistics maintenance, and more concerned with directing their focus and passion on the success of the program, or programs, in which their child is involved.     

All fundraisers ran by our secondary subcommittee boosters are considered fundraisers of HHS FAB.  However, money raised by an individual secondary subcommittee group stays within the group for which it was raised.   Over the past several years, thousands of dollars raised through countless fundraisers have been granted to our performing fine arts groups by the Huntley High School Fine Arts Boosters as the result of the work done by our subcommittee booster groups.    

To learn more about the HHS FAB, please come to one of our monthly meetings.  Click here to see our schedule.

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